October 18, 2018

Eating disorder or just overweight?

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Patient: My friends think I have an eating disorder. I’m not super skinny and I do have extra weight on me (20 pounds to be exact), I want to go just 10 pounds under where I am now. I tend to either skip meals or just have oatmeal if I know that I’ll be eating an unhealthy meal later in the day. I tell myself that I’m not going to eat any sweets but then I wind up doing it anyway (yesterday I had a chocolate bar for lunch). If it’s in front of me I have difficulty resisting eating it. And then when I do eat it I feel guilty after. I don’t know whether I should join weightwatchers or talk to a physician about possibly having the beginnings of an eating disorder. I don’t want to waste my doctor’s time if weightwatcher’s will help but I don’t want to encourage the beginnings of an eating disorder. (My parents suggest the first, my friends insist that it’s the second).

Symptoms: Preoccupation with weight and eating

Doctor: Hello.Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.Though you do not have an eating di sorder till now, you do suffer from psychological anxieties regarding food intake. When you know you have an unhealthy meal coming up later in the day, you tend to skip meals before that, or just consume cereals or oatmeal to ensure the calorie intake is not abnormal.Though this is not a disease, a counseling session with a psychologist will help in getting past this anxiety. You need to make a schedule, avoid sweets, switch to either sugar-free or no sugar completely, avoid cold drinks and avoid snacking as far as possible. This coupled with daily walking 30-45 minutes will automatically reduce your weight. Also, please do not skip meals as it affects your metabolism and slows it down completely creating future problems.Just a couple of sessions with a Psychologist will help you getting past this anxiety.Hope this was helpful.Regards.

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