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ECHO was great ; concern over LV enlargement report seems

Patient: ECHO was great ; concern over LV enlargement. report seems to be contradiction. can LV enlargement be reversed



Symptoms: No symptoms



Doctor: Hi,Thanks for your query, albeit short and specific.Echo was great – concerns over enlargement – reports seems t o be contradiction – can Left ventricular enlargement be reversed?I would like to have an additional information on some points:- Why was the echo done?- What are your symptoms?- Are you taking any medicines?- Did you suffer from heart attack/Myocardiac Infarct or hypertension?- Any associated medical condition that you are suffering from like diabetes?- When was the Echo done? Does it report as enlargement or hypertrophy.Whether the enlargement will reverse or not depends upon many factors:-The associated medical conditions like diabetes?-Whether the muscles of left ventricle are atrophied/thinned or hypertrophied.-The medication you are taking.Thinned out muscles do not respond well but hypertrophied muscles causing enlargement can respond well to the medications.Please give feedback so that we can discuss further.

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Patient: Last echo 2010; negative nuclear stress test 9 month ago; no symptoms; meds: 160 diovan, 10 lipitor; 10 hydro… diurectic. no diabetes; reports as enlargement BP avg 117/75 pulse 54-64

Patient: cardiogist made appt with pulminoligist, potential sleep apnea , overweight as possible causes

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback.
Last echo was long ago, noted the other findings.
I think it would be better to get a fresh echo done and to compare with the previous one to see any changes.

Patient: follow-upecho was done a week ago which reflect changes to LV, 2010 echo was fine

Doctor: Such changes are difficult to revert back.
If the cardiac muscles are thinned out and has caused the dilatation/enlargement of the left ventricle, this is usually not reversible.
If there is hypertrophy and enlargement of the left ventricle, this can be reversed to a certain extent with medication.


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