Ectopic pregnancy and Pregnancy test

Patient: Can u still get a negative pregnacy test if you have an ecotopic pregnancy

Doctor: Usually a home pregnancy test picks up the level of Beta HCG hormone in the urine . The best time to take this test is u sually 5-7 days after a missed period. In a normal viable pregnancy the beta HCG levels tend to double every 1-2 days on an average. However in an ectopic pregnancy while B HCG is produced and thus should be picked up by the pregnancy test, the doubling time however is longer and sometimes the levels of the hormone plateau or even decrease prior to 8 weeks and thus at times may not be picked up by the pregnancy test.That is why we need to conduct serial Beta HCG levels in the blood to evaluate.Ectopic pregnancy is a potentially serious condition and if you are suspecting that I would highly recommend you see your physician for a complete check up  and further investigations as soon as possible.