Ectopic Pregnancy and Sex

Patient: On december 9(4 weeks along) went to er abdominal pain on right side the doc diagnosed i was Pregnant then diagnosed ectopic. Do you think Methotrexate worked on disipating baby?Ectopic Pregnancy was on right side. i have no symptoms of being pregnant since december 13. Do you think the ectopic pregnancy is gone. I have unprotected sex the last two weeks what can happen other than get pregnant from unprotected sex.

Doctor: Hello,The methotrexate regime is effective for ectopic less than 5 weeks of pregnancy . Its effectiveness has to be m onitored every 48 hrs with the serum beta hcg levels which should show a decrease constantly and when the values turn less than 1 , the pregnancy is said to be resolved. So a continuous monitoring is required at the level of the physician.I hope i have answered the query .regards