Ectopic pregnancy post-surgery pain

Patient: Hi, 3 weeks ago i had my right fallopian tube removed because of an ectopic pregnancy, the right side of the incision was very painful after the surgery, i had a cough right after the operation and felt a very painful sensation whenever i cough, this feeling faded a little after a week or so, few days ago I have pain whenever i stand up, talk or cough of course at the same spot i had the earlier pain at, i know i might need more time to heal, but i just wonder if this could be a hernia developing at the incision site ?? there is no swelling there and its usually not painful when I’m sleeping(laying down), just when i start moving and coughing and sometimes when i talk i get a horrible pain like its burned and like its pulled or stretched.. don’t know if this is a factor here but I’m fit not obese, if that helps you help me find out what’s going on there.. and my bowel movement is fine. so.. could it be hernia..? thank you for your help in advance.. best regards, Eman

Doctor: As you have already correctly assumed, the symptoms are suggestive of a hernia developing at the incision site. This typ e of hernia is called an incisional hernia. As with all other abdominal hernias it is can only be corrected surgically. You will need to see a general surgeon for confirmation of the diagnosis and the appropriate care.