ED after high BP treatment Never had ED before in

Patient: Hi!First, sorry for my bad English (I am from non-English speaking country) – I hope my problem will be written clear enough to understand it. So, here we go.In April this year (2015) I felt very dizzy and went to ER where they measured my blood pressure 230/130. After 24 hours in hospital they diagnosed me with Essential hypertension. Ad doctors said, I have it for a long time but without any sympthoms (it can be seen in eyes examination where traces of high blood pressue are shown on capilars). I am on tablets now, and my BP is now between 120/70 and max 150/100 depending on stress factors, time on day, work, etc. But it is quite OK and mainly inside boundaries. But what bothers me is erection problems that occured after 3 months of consuming Norprexanil (perindopril arginine/amlodipine 10mg/10mg) that I initially get when they released me from hospital in April (and which has listed ED as side effect). I NEVER had any erection problems – and then 3 months after using Norprexanil (1 tablet in the morning) combined with Physiothens (moxonidine 0.2mg – 1 tablet at night – and it has not listed ED as side effect), problems started juyt one day – by that I mean in just one day – not progressively – erection problems juyt started “out of nothing” after 3 months – up to one day I can get it “hard” as usuall, and next day – almost no errection – and that state keeps until now! So, because of ED and rather annoying dry cough I had (also listed as side effect), and bad sleepines from Physiothens, my doctor changed my therapy to Val Plus (valsartan/hydrochlorothiazide 80mg/12mg) that helped a bit with cough but not much with ED, and also did not reduce my BP much. So after a month on Val Plus, my doctor changed tablets again to Val (valsartan 160mg twice a day – in the morning, and before sleep) that I currently uses for a month now. BP is now fine (as I stated in mail – 120/70 up to 150/100 very rarely) but erection problems are still there – it is not severe as on Norprexanil because now I can get erection but I can’t get it long enough nor hard as it used to be. Once more I need to mention – I NEVER had erection problems prior to 3 month of use of Norprexanil- my libido and potency were always high, erection is “rock solid” and now I barely can hold it hard enough for 3-4 minutes ­čÖü I am married, my wife has understandings for this problem, but I am starting to be pretty depressed of all this and sex become problem because I am too worried that it won’t be to hard or erection won’t last long enough so I start to loose will to have sex at all :((( .I consulted my doctor but any solution he can think of is changing tablets… It can’t explain whay valsartan causes this – if it is cause for ED now at all – because, according to all information, valsartan, actually, can improve erection! So, I am worried that maybe Norprexanil or Physiothens or Val Plus physically damaged my blood vesels in penis? I hope it is impossible… ­čÖü And I home blood pressure diod not damaged it either becuase before therapy when I had high BP I was “solid rock”, and now, when my BP is normal, I am “sponge” :(So, please, give me some advice what to do, and what do you think that might caused ED that started during hyperthension therapy and continued to exist even after I stopped with problematic pills. Also, is there any way I can “fix” my problem somehow without Viagra-type medications?Many thanx for reply in advance, and once again, sorry for bad English.

Symptoms: Symptoms: erection does not last long enough, penis is not hard enough