ED , erectile dysfunction

Patient: I had this problem 6 months ago . i had weak erection suddenly , like my pennis stands up maximum till 90 degree and weak not hard.the story happened 6 months ago i dunno if this related , but i did kegel exercises alot i was too much tighten my musceles everyday around 70 times a day for 3 months. then it happened.otherwise i did all blood tests , hormones everything is fine.the only test is left is penile doppler ultra sound that i dunno if i can do it or notthe doctors told me because of the enlargment of my prostate which i doubt that this is a real reason for erection.but these are the last results for my prostate:Semen test :Microscopy , WBC 12-15 cells/hpfand ultrasound prostate result :measuring 44X35X39 corresponding 22 gmhyperechogenic nodule in the prostate apex measuring 18mmx12 mm

Symptoms: Erection weak

Doctor: Your anxiety is understandable. However, we are unable to understand the problem fully. What I mean is, the details are not sufficient to conclude. Firstly, what is your age? Are you having regular partner / sex? Any problems in erection? You mean, you had regular erections, now it is weak? Or the first time this erection and it is not of good quality? Semen test details? Do you have any other prostatic symptoms like difficulty in passing urine, lower abdominal pain etc. Please do write in detail. If erections earlier fine, and only on 2 occasions the above problem, then we don’t think you should be worried. The local family specialist is needed to confirm the problem and advice accordingly.