Effect of diabetes on kidney function

Patient: My dad has diabetes; today he was informed that his kidney function has gone from a 42% down to a 26%…and he is stage 4 now. What does this mean? is it down hill from here, dialyse or what?

Doctor: I understand your concern about your father’s kidney failure stage. At this stage the kidney filtration function is seve verely reduced. An estimate of 15-30% of renal function is maintained at this stage.Also this is one stage prior to end stage renal disease in which a decision for dialysis is granted, after that a possible kidney transplant might follow if dialysis fails.I would suggest him to comply with his Nephrologist’s indications and evaluations. He must stop any medication that might cause toxicity in the kidneys; Anemia must be screened and treated as well as acidic states and deficiency of vitamin D. I wish him the best.