Effects of anti androgens on me?

Patient: I have read that spearmint tea is a home remedy for people suffering from excess hair and acne due to hirsutism or Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, because the tea acts an an anti androgen. If someone who did not have the afore mentioned ailments, could the tea still reduce hair? Just because it’s an anti androgen? Would reducing the androgen level of a “healthy” female still achieve the hair removal benefits? And how long would it take before a noticeable difference is made? Also, could one just consume the spearmint or does it have to be in tea form for some reason? Thank you for reading.

Symptoms: Excess Hair

Doctor: Thank you for your question. There is no clinical evidence that exists that supports the notion that drinking any amount s of spearmint tea can be effective in treating hirsutism and acne due to the hormonal imbalances caused by PCOS. The only way available at present to treat the symptoms of PCOS is to treat the disease itself by providing prescription medication to regulate your hormone levels. Please follow up with your doctor for further treatment.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com