Effects of Drinking Sea Water

Patient: Hello! I have a question and that is that I drink daily a teaspoon of sea salt mixed with 0.5 liters of water and wonder if this is harmful or dangerous?. I heard the claims of those who drink salt water has healthy benefits for the body:. Relief body pain, purifying blood and digestive tract, and serves as a detox for large bodies. This may be true in moderation, but only when paired with the right amount of fresh water and only with a homemade table salt mix. Salt solutions have healing benefits, treatment and treatment for minor burns and wounds. Salt water can also combat infections as many people gargle with salt water to relieve sore throat, treat wounds and prevent colds. Drinking salt water is never a good idea-it can lead to disease, dehydration, brain damage and death. Although some claim it’s cleaning benefits by drinking salt water, the negative side effects and health risks become too great. So, I ask how much intake of salt water can I take daily?? With kind regards, otti khan

Doctor: The recommended dosage of salt by the FDA is 2400 mg, some have recommended even lower levels of sodium which is about 1 500mg for an adult. Though insufficient salt intake can lead to fatigue, illness, and death, excessive consumption of salt could also lead to worsening of hypertension and dehydration due to increased excretion of water by the kidneys to remove the excessive salt in the body. A table spoon of sea salt should approximately contain 2400 mg of sodium which may be adequate salt intake in your case provided you are not adding further salt in your food and drinking plenty of water (without added salt).