Effects of Emergency Contraceptives too frequently.

Patient: Can taking emergency contraceptive too frequently hurt future fertility and/or future menstrual cycles?

Symptoms: I’m an 18 year old female and am currently not on birth control. About 2 months ago, I had sex and the condom slipped off, so I took Plan B. My period was a week late. 2 weeks ago, I had protected sex but was paranoid, so I took plan B again. This time, my period was 2 weeks earlier than my usual cycle. Last night, I had protected sex. But as my boyfriend was to ejaculating, he took the condom off. Semen landed on my stomach and dripped down onto my vagina. But I’m not sure if any went inside. Could I get pregnant from this? If so, should I take emergency contraceptive again? And will it hurt my future fertility and/or future menstrual cycles?

Doctor: HelloThanks for the queryWith the history of last episode of sexual intercourse, there is very little possibility o f getting pregnant, as in semen trickling g down from your stomach to vagina will not cause pregnancy. Need not take emergency contraception.Coming to the other query, yes, taking emergency pills very frequently can end up making your cycles go irregular and are harmful to your body. You may use combined birth control pills which have to be taken daily, they will not cause any harm and will give an effective contraceptive cover.The emergency contraception can change the bleeding pattern and indirectly affect fertility.Hope this helped.Regards