Effects of HIIT exercise capacity while on BP meds

Patient: I am a newly turned 40 year old, I have had my ascending and descending aorta replaced with a darcon graft over a 5 year period. I am overweight at 300lbs at 5’11” and have been very active participating in 1 hr High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 4 to 5 days a week for the past month. While I see very little change by way of the scale or how my clothes fit, I do feel amazing and full of energy.My biggest concern is my heart rate, from what I’ve read the point of HIIT is to get to a target heart rate of 95%. I can only reach a target of about 70% or 139BPM no matter how hard I try.%I do take a sortie of medications to control my blood pressure and I know that this is a factor keeping my heart rate down.Am I still getting the same benefits at 70% as a normal unmedicated person who is able to achieve 95% capacity?

Symptoms: Low heart rate during HIIT

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The level of your heart rate while exercising has less of an effect on your over all fitnes s rather the fact that you are exercising regularly, will have the greatest benefit on your overall health. What is important is that your cardiologist is notified that you are engaging in regular high intensity exercise to monitor you closely to make sure your heart coping with this strenuous activity. You will benefit from any type of regular exercise however, diet is very important factor in losing weight. A diet that is free of refined sugar, and processed foods will assist in removing excess calories from your diet. Also, try to incorporate carbohydrates, lean protein, and vegetables in every major meal throughout your day.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com