Effects of shift work

Patient: I am concerned that my constant change of body clock will have long term health effects. For the past year i have been alternating between night and day cycles within a week as I work night shift Sat and Sun and then to meet home requirement am back to normal day wake sleep hours by Tue. i do this by napping on Monday for 2 or cycles of sleep then sleep at night normally ie 11pm till 8am. I continue untill Thursday and Friday where I force myself to stay up till either 6 or 7 am to prepare for the night shift. I sleep with both ear plugs and eye mask during day. I have keeping the normal circadian patterns and just napping on Friday Saturday then going to work Sat night but feel awful. On the other hand Mon and Tues are horrible I feel as if i have jet lag in fact last week I couldn’t get more than 4-5 hrs sleep Mon=Wed Night. I apologise about the long question, and thanks for your help. p.s This arrangement will hopefully end by early next year

Symptoms: Tiredness, Jet lagged, not able to concentrate