Eighteen month old with really bad breath

Patient: Hi There, tonight my 18month old daughter has had really bad breath it sort of smells like dog urine and smells out the whole room, im just wondering some of the reasons that could be causing this?

Doctor: There are many causes of bad breath in a toddler. The first ting to check for is whether your child has a foreign body, such as a piece of food or small toy, lodged in one of her nostrils. Less commonly, an infection of the back of the throat can also cause foul-smelling breath. If your daughter sucks her thumb, uses a pacifier, or sucks or chews on a blanket, this can also cause bad breath. Lastly, some children with gastroesophageal reflux, or regurgitation of their food, have a foul breath odour. In most cases good oral hygiene is all that you need. If this does not relieve the bad odor or if there is a foreign body in the nose, take your daughter to a doctor.