Ejaculate came inside of me while riding him

Patient: I had sex on sunday early morning and my guy ejaculate in me while i was riding him and while i was on my stomach inside of me without any condom is it possible to be preganat after sex i went and pee twice and wipe myself with the tiolet paper and it was wet is it possible i could be pregnant even after i wipe myself.

Doctor: ANY UNPROTEDTED SEX HAS A RISK FOR PREGNANCY.IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE WHETHER YOU URINATE AFTER THE SEX -THE RISK IS N OT REDUCED.Afer ejaculation most of the fluid remains in the vagina and only the spermatazoa travel upwards into the uterus.You may go in for Emergency contraceptive pill if the sex has occurred within the last 72 hours otherwise wait for your periods and do a home pregnancy test if delayed.