Ejaculated on his hands, wiped it off with a tissue and then fingered me. Can i be pregnant?

Patient: This is extremely awkward to ask..Three days ago my boyfriend and I were messing around (We don’t engage in intercourse at all..but we do other things…). He ejaculated on his hands, wiped it off with a tissue and washed his hands with cold water and soap for about 10 seconds (though i don’t know how thoroughly or if he dried his hands), and about 1 minute later f*ngered me. It didn’t cross my mind at first but now that i think about it..is there anyway I could become pregnant?

Doctor: Season’s Greetings! From your query it looks apparent that the chances of a possible conception (or pregnancy) are almost remote. But still just to rule out pregnancy if you don’t get your period even after 7 to days 10 from the expected date, opt for a home pregnancy test.Hope that answers your query.Have a Good day.

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Guest: The same thing has happened to me alough I’m not due 4 another 8 days!!! 🙁 he wipped himself off n his shirt and used hand gel 🙁 sooo scared

Patient: I still have to wait another week and a half 🙁 im completely freaking out.. majority of what i have read says it’s near impossible, but i cant help but think i could be. i don’t know how to not worry about it 🙁