Ejaculation on my stomach and pelvis

Patient: Hi, my name is sophia I’m 17 years old, I’ll be turning 18 in June.Lately I haven’t been feeling so well. I’ve had dizziness, craving sweets, fatigue, I’m always tired but I can’t sleep, I’m gassy, I feel hot all the time, I’ve had a brown vaginal discharge but rather than a period it was like spotting, I usually go through two super plus tampons a day when I’m in my period right but this time I’ve gone through have of 2 medium tampons in 4 days. Today that discharge stopped and I’m having a white creamy vaginal discharge. My period wasn’t suppose to start until next week. Also today my breasts started to be sore and I’m having acid reflex. The day I had sex my partner didn’t ejaculate inside me but rather on top of my stomach and pelvis… Do you think there’s a chance I could be pregnant? Please help me.Thank you for your time.

Symptoms: Dizziness, craving, fatigue, tiredness, brown vaginal discharge, gassy, feeling hot, sore breasts and acid reflex

Doctor: Dear Sophia. Sometimes pre-ejaculate fluid also contains spermatozoa which are enough to make a woman pregnant. But th e probabilities of pre-ejaculatory fluid having spermatozoa depend on the body of the male and also if there was an earlier ejaculation as well, say an hour or two before. Other probability could be that the ejaculated semen flowing down into the vagina and there on to the upper reproductive tract leading to a possible pregnancy. Therefore the chances of a conception cannot totally be ruled out. If you missed your period go for a home pregnancy test 7-10 days later to your expected date of menstrual cycle.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.