Elbow and knee pain

Patient: Hello Dear Doctor,i am 36 years old male, few months after i went to gym, now i feel a bit pain in my elbow and knee and joint during exercise. please can you tell me may i take any supplement?if i need to take what supplement i should take.Thank you.

Symptoms: Pain

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.It seems that you have either a muscle strain or a ligament injury.Here are a few th ings you can try:Rest – Rest of the knee and elbow. You should stop exercising and reduce strenuous activityIce – Ice the elbow for 15 minutes and leave off ice for 45 minutesCompression – Compress the knee and elbow by using a crepe bandageElevate the elbow and the knee to allow blood flow back to the heartTake Paracetamol to reduce swelling and get massages done to reduce the swelling.If the pain does not reduce after 1 week, please see a Doctor. All the best.