Elbow/ upper arm pain

Patient: I recently lifted some equipment in my workshop . When lifting it I curled it like you would weights . When I had my arm at about 90 degree, I heard two or three pops and felt instant pain in my upper arm and shoulder. The next day it was extremely sore and stiff. Since that time the soreness has gone away, but I have pain in my elbow and down the back of my upper arm into my shoulder. It hurts nearly constantly when I lay down unless I hold my arm against my body as if it were in a sling. When I stretch my arm , my elbow will pop ever time shooting pain from my elbow up to my shoulder. I stand with my arm by my side and have no pain at all. But, if my arm is bent and doing something as simple as typing on a keyboard, I will have a constant pain in my elbow and back of my upper arm. I can stretch my arm out, make it pop and the pain will diminish for a 15 or 29 seconds and then the pain returns.

Symptoms: Elbow, upper arm and shoulder pain