Electric shock in neck post trauma: What can it be.

Patient: I fell off a horse around 9 years ago and hurt my neck. I never had this checked out. From time to time, like now, the pain comes back. When I am led down in bed I get electric shock type pains in my neck where my spine is and the feeling that someone is sticking needles in my neck. Any ideas what this could be?

Doctor: You could have sustained some damage to your neck when you fell 9 years back. The symptoms that are describing are typic al of a pinched nerve in which there are paresthesias ie loss of sensation or wierd sensations in the neck, hand and upper back. You need to take an Xay of the neck to see the condition of the intervertebral discs and whether there is any bulge leading to compression of a nerve.This can be followed by an MRI. I wish you all the best.