Electric shock-like feelings on hand and arm

Patient: I have been experiencing an intermittent electric shock like feelings on my left arm to my shoulder and upper part of the left side of my chest, i feel this shockwave feeling morethan twice every hour, my hand or fingers are not numb but this comes on like every 15 minutes and goes off again

Doctor: Neuropathies are the most common complication of diabetes mellitus (DM). Neuropathies related to DM affect up to 50% of diabetic patients. The nerves and muscles in the diabetic patient are affected because the high levels of glucose circulating in blood, that’s why it is very important to keep a strict control of glycemia at all times. The loss in muscle mass is due to the problems in the nerves that control the muscles and it is called Diabetic amyotrophy which affects the muscles of upper and lower extremities and leads to muscle atrophy and weakness.