Electronic cigarette causes Infertility? nicotine & anxiety

Patient: My husband and I are trying to conceive for 2 years. I rarely drink however I do smoke an electronic cigarette sparingly with 80%non nicotine with the rest filled with %15 percent nicotine levels. He smokes one pack a day and drinks a lot.We are taking Maca as well as other vitamins. I have visited the Doctor and cannot find the reason for no pregnancy. My question is how to boost fertility and also quit smoking. The idea of quitting makes me restless and incapable to think without the comfort of having it. What could be stopping pregnancy? What doctors are best to see?

Doctor: Thank you for your query.When the couple are planning for a conception it is often advisable for them to quit smoking as the nicotene smoke even in low fractions is highly lethal to the pregnancy and more probability to miscarry even if a conception occurs. Apart from quitting smoking it is advisable that your couple consult a fertility specialist who can order investigations to diagnose the reasons for infertility, based on the results appropriate treatment options can be suggested like assisted reproductive technologies incase indicated.Hope that answers your queries. Have a good day.