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Elevated CK levels - What further tests would you recommend?

Dear Ask The Doctor:
What are the most common reasons for elevated CK levels? My CK test are etremely elevated. My doctor has check heart and kidney. What test would you recommend to assist in determining the cause?


Creatine kinase (CK) is found in the heart, brain and skeletal muscles. An elevated CK levels may indicate an injury or stress to these following structures. CK test is very non-specific and elevated levels may be seen with heart attack, inflammation of the heart muscles (myocarditis), muscular injuries, dermatomyositis and polymyositis and brain injury or stroke.
You may request your doctor to do specific isoenzyme test such as CK-MM (for muscular injury), CK-BB (for brain) and CK-MB (for cardiac injury). You have also mentioned that you are a diabetic and on insulin and metformin. There is also a probability that the diabetic medication is causing your elevated creatinine kinase levels, which needs to be evaluated by your doctor. Use of beta blockers may help during the initial stages of rise in creatine kinase levels.

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