Elevated heart rate and chest pain when exercising

Patient: I am 19 years old college athlete and recently saw a doctor about my high heart rate. My resting heart rate is about 120, which is apparently high for an athlete at my age. When I do strictly cardio/conditioning (usually 5x’s a week) my heart rate can get to 200 easily. I’d say a medium effort for me is usually about 185. When I run my cheeks start to tingle, and I get a mild burning sensation in my chest. I also get a little bit woozy. I wouldn’t say I’m dizzy, but when I finish my workout, I’m a little off balance.I thought that I was anemic but by blood tests came back fine. I haven’t made a cardiologist appointment yet, should I?I can’t decide if there may be something wrong with my heart (even though I had an ekg 18 months ago that was fine) or if I’m just really out of shape….Update: If it makes any difference….I used to get random shooting pains in my left shoulder, left rib area and back. I would be playing soccer and out of nowhere I’d get shooting pain all over my left side. But it would go away after like 2 minutes. I haven’t gotten them in like 2 years now though.

Symptoms: Elevated heart rate – chest pain, tingling, dizziness when exercising