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Elevated Liver Enzymes

Patient: ALT 65 U/L, ALP 214 U/LMale 29 Year, Weight 45 KG, Height 5’6″ living in PakistanWas feeling Fatigue & dizziness for past two months with burning in hands and feet sometimes.Also have GERD & Gas since long.Doc kept me Iberet Folic + Multi vitamin for a month but to no vain.The i was advised LFTs & other Tests.ALT 65 U/L, AST 38 U/L, ALP 214 U/L, Bilirubin 0.5MG / dl,Glucose Random 101 mg/dlGlycosylated Hb (HbA1c) 5.2%Hepatitis B NegativeHepatitis C NegativeTSH 1.49T4 4.28I had dysentry as well.Two doctors have suggested that I should not worry about elevated ALT & ALP. Its normal and have forbidden me from eating deep fried food.I was not satisfied and went to the best known Gasteroenterologist. He said it is not to worry about and suggested meDomperidoneEsomperazoleSercHe also said i should avoid avoid fresh fruits / vegs.I have very itchy AND burning bowel movement and too much gas.Dizziness is still there which doc says is due to weakness & lack of water intake (i am increasing)/He also said no need of more lab.But i am still conscious about my elevated liver enzymes. My lab reports are enclosed. Please help me and guide me.



Symptoms: GERD
Dysentry remained for 3 days
Itiching and burning bowel movement
Burning in Hands & Feet (now less as compared to last month)



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