Eliminate egg allergies?

Patient: About a year or so ago I started get bad cramps after eating. It did not happen all the time so I started taking notes as to what I ate when I got the cramps and after doing food elimination tests I targeted the cramps to eggs. I can eat eggs cooked in things like bread, desserts, etc. but i can not eat them boiled, scrambled, etc. I have done a lot of reading on this and can only find mostly information on childrens egg allergies. Is there really no way for an adult to get rid of this allergy? I miss eggs!

Symptoms: cramps

Doctor: It is rare to find egg allergy developing at your age, especially when you have tolerated them well, earlier. You should see an Allergy Specialist to confirm the diagnosis. ‘Allergy Skin Prick Test’ for egg proteins and Serum Specific IgE levels should corroborate. Although, children outgrow their egg allergy by the age of 17yrs, a few may carry the sensitivity lifelong. A person who reacts only to a protein in the egg yolk may be able to easily tolerate egg whites, and vice versa. Egg yolk allergies are believed to be more common in adults. You may try separating the yolk before having an egg and continue to have eggs in the form you tolerate them well. Further, a small number of people who are allergic to eggs may also develop an allergy to chicken or other poultry meats. Certain vaccines like MMR, Yellow Fever and Flu-Vaccines are made of chick embryo and also contain egg proteins. So, watch out!!