Emergency Contraception?

Patient: Hi. I have been taking the pill for months now and I recently had sex last night. I usually take the pill every morning which I have done without fail, but last night I vomited before we had sex. It was un protected but he didn’t come inside me. The next morning I took the pill as usual and we had sex again but this time he did come inside of me.Should I consider getting the morning after pill because I vomited and had un protected sex?

Doctor: You do not need an emergency contraceptive since you took the pill as per schedule on the morning of the intercourse. Un less you vomit within an hour of taking the pill,it shall not be accounted for as a missed pill. I really appreciate the fact that you are being so careful with your pills.

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Guest: hello doc.. i have an irregular cycle.. (27-40days). my first day of last period was june 2, 2014.. i had sex on 27th evening and took postinor 2 1am on 28th and took the 2nd dose accordingly.. im worried that if my cycle is 40days ovulation might have occured on the 27th(the day i have activity)..is there a chance of me getting pregnant(which i dont want to right now)