Emergency contraception

Patient: -Hi, my period started on February 20th (my period cycle is 28 days) On the 28th of February I had unprotected sex after 40 hours I took Escapelle pill. On March 17th, I had sex again, but my partner did not ejaculate inside me. On March 22nd I got my period (1-2 days late). On March 29-30 I had sex with my boyfriend. On April 28th I find out I am 6 weeks pregnant. Please tell me, is it possible I may have conceived this child because of the sex I had on March 17th? It is very important. Thank You.

Doctor: It is unlikely that intercourse on March 17th could have resulted in a pregnancy as there was no ejaculation and also it was just before your period; which means that you were technically in a safe period when chances of ovulation (and resultant pregnancy) are extremely low.Gestational age on ultrasound at around 6 weeks has an error range of upto 5 days and is calculates the age from the approximate last menstrual period. Which essentially means that most likely the baby was conceived in after March 22nd.I hope this lays your doubts to rest. In any case of confusion with regards to the child’s paternity please do not hesitate to initiate paternity testing rather than basing the child’s future on clinical guesses.