Emotional and mental abuse

Patient: I am recently getting out of my marriage where there has been a lot of emotional and mental abuse on me. I find it hard to focus on anything work, sex and even simple things like the radio is on but I could not tell you what’s on there like I am in a day dream all the time. I am depressed and wondered what you would suggest? I am in counseling but if there is a medication that would help I would like to explore it. Thank you Jason

Symptoms: Not focused, day dreamy, depressed

Doctor: Thank you for your question. We are sorry that you are having such difficulty with your depression. It is a great step t hat you are in counseling to help you over come your depression and take control of your emotional life once more. However, some persons may need the help of antidepressant medication in order to provide them with some extra support in overcoming depression. Long term depression creates a chemical imbalance within the brain which can prolong the symptoms of depression. As a result, medication can be prescribed to restore this balance, and, along with counseling can assist you to overcome this debilitating mental illness. We recommend that you consult a psychiatrist to assess the severity of your depression and to determine if you will benefit from taking antidepressant medication.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com