Endometrial ablation

Patient: I have just had endometrial ablation, at the end oct of this year and now i am having sever mood swings with depression ( bouts of crying for no reason ) is there anything i can do or take for this ? it is ruining me and my husbands relationship :(EDIT:i am also having sever tenderness of both of my breast’s–just a slight touch and it hurts.

Symptoms: Cramping–lower back pain–headaches–bloating

Doctor: Depression is very treatable, and the treatment is made easier than ever with the introduction of newer antidepressant m olecules. However, declining ovarian function needs to be ruled out as this may cause remarkable depression in some. Since you are already on an antidepressant, please talk to your psychiatrist whether a change of molecule is necessary in your specific circumstances. Getting in touch with a gynecologist may help as well, especially if you have associated hot flashes and also to check ovarian function. The cramping, lower back pain, headaches and bloating are not normal and these complaints should be brought into the doctor’s notice, too.