Endometrioma and Necessity of Ovary Removal?

Patient: Hi there,I have a question regarding endometrioma / chocolate cysts in the ovary. Someone I know (46 in age, not menopausal yet, and otherwise healthy) has a 5 cm cyst and her OBGYN is ordering a surgical removal of the cyst – and the doctor said that if she cannot remove all of the cyst tissue (if it’s “sticky”) then she’ll have to remove the entire ovary.I’ve been doing some online research regarding unilateral oophorectomy, and it seems like even with only one ovary being removed, early menopause is likely. Additionally, it seems that after removal of one ovary, many women grow another chocolate cyst in their remaining ovary and need to get that one removed as well (and supposedly this is less likely if the first ovary is not removed?).How often do chocolate cysts result in necessary removal of the ovary? If not all of the cyst tissue can be removed, is it necessary to remove the ovary (the cyst growing back) or is there a chance – especially with medication to suppress the endometriosis – that the cyst will not grow back even though there is some “sticky” tissue left in the ovary?She really hopes to not get her ovary removed and I’m worried as well – perhaps if we can find someone with better cystectomy surgical skill, then she won’t have to have it removed?Thanks for the help!

Symptoms: Occasional onset of diarrhea / constipation during menstruation