Patient: I was diagnosed with stage 1 endometriosis and was told that birth control is the treatment. I would like to start trying for my first baby in 6-7 months, so I plan on stopping my birth control soon, so it can be out of my system. Does this mean my endometriosis will get worse in that time, and give me trouble conceiving?

Doctor: This is a disorder of the female reproductive system in which the endometrium which normally lines your uterus, grows in other places as well. Most often, this growth is on your fallopian tubes, ovaries or the tissue lining your pelvis.Despite these possible complications, most of the women with endometriosis are able to conceive. It may take them a little longer to get pregnant, but most women with mild to moderate endometriosis can become pregnant. During pregnancy, most women have no signs or symptoms of endometriosis.If you plan to become pregnant, I would suggest you to comply with your pre natal controls and start taking your pre natal vitamins-minerals especially containing folic acid. I wish you a successful pregnancy.