Endromiritios, Polysytic Ovarian Syndrome

Patient: Dear SirMy wife has Endometrios cyst (both ovaries 25-30 mm), Polystic ovaries & Pain grows day by day. After 7-8 month treatment/ contraception no result found. We have no child as our marriage 10 months only. My wife has no relief from any treatment like Duphaston, Cabgoline, Placentarx & many more(also from ESIC). I am tired by spending money because of poor family background.Please advice me.PArminder Singh

Symptoms: Pain In lower Abdomen & Utress

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,I am afraid endometriosis is a disease which cannot be cured completely but can be cont rolled. The aim is to prevent menses as long as possible , to avoid endometriosis to grow. So , if menses are stopped with medication of depot injections or GnRH analogues then endometriois shall improve. The presence of PCOS + endometriotic cysts is a double edged sword here. Both can hamper chances of pregnancy. Pcos needs to be controlled with reducing weight , taking regular progesterone only pills continuously for 6 months to not only avoid menses and control endometriosis but also stabilize progesterone levels in her body. But if you both are keen on pregnancy now, an there are cysts in ovaries , then she has to undergo a diagnostic laparoscopy and removal of cysts along with endometriotic fulguration of internal endometriotic patches. This shall improve her chances of conception within next 6 months and you should try then primarily naturally or by ovulation induction technique. I am afraid money would be required and the treatment is prolonged and time consuming as well.The aim is pregnancy , once achieved , the symptoms of endometriosis shall also die down as menses shall not occur.You may discuss the options with your physician and take an informed decision.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards