Eosinophil count is 900

Patient: Sir, My father Age about 50 yrs. he is suffering from skin Allergy since 10 yrs. As per doctor suggestions, we using ZEMPRED tablets. recently we met Homeopathy doctor. as per him, we conduct eosinophil test. in that test we observed, eosinophil count is 900. It is very very high. Sir, can we decrease that count?? what we should do and why this happens. please help me sir.

Symptoms: so much itching..

Doctor: High eosinophil counts are seen in allergic disorders and also in some cases of intestinal worm infestation (helminthic infections). You are advised to consult an Allergy Specialist for proper evaluation and diagnosis of the cause of your father’s skin symptoms. Yes, there are medicines to control eosinophil counts and their associated allergic manifestations. But, these counts may rise again unless the cause of sensitivity is identified and exposure to it is curtailed. Your Allergy Doctor would conduct certain skin tests (dermal sensitivity tests) to establish the cause of your father’s allergy and then prescribe you a schedule of avoidance therapy and drug therapy for long term relief.