Patient: Hi,I am myself a physician. I hav one male pt 55 yr old came with giddiness. No other complaints. He not a diab hypertensive IHD BA. no chronic drug intake. Examination was normal.RBS Urea crea were normal.Eosinophil count 4500 cells. AEC 50 percent. PS- Eosinophilia otherwise normal. lipid profile normal. CXR clear. Bone marrow done no evidence of malignancy.My doubt whether it s just parasitic infestation or due to some thing else. pt had no resp complaints.This has this same eosinophilia for last 2 yrs. neurologist attributed his giddiess to cervical spondylosis.I have just dewormed this patient.If i get some hematologist help regarding this it, I ii be thankful.Thanks,srikumar