Eras clogged for two weeks after cold

Patient: I had a pretty bad cold that started on september 17. I was congested for about a week, which was relieved by taking Contac phenylephrine Hcl. Then, the second week, I had the usual post-nasal drip and coughing. I coughed for about a week, with progressively clearer productive cough. Then, physically, I felt fine. All in all that was 2 weeks, and I never had a fever. I was careful to take my temp. Now, for the past two weeks (so a month total), my ears have felt slightly clogged. I have tried neti pots as well as holding my nose, closing my mouth and “blowing” into my ears…then i thought it was earwax so i tried ear irrigation. all of these give me temporary, slight relief, but not much and it doesn’t last. it’s driving me nuts. i have no ear pain, no pain at all. i feel fine except that my hearing is muffled. what should i do?