Eraser sized lump near vaginal and anal opening

Patient: Hi,My name is Olivia and I’m an 18 year old female. I discovered an eraser sized lump between my vaginal and anal openings about a week ago.It’s relatively painless and hasn’t changed in size at all. I have quite recently become sexually active but I’m not sure if it’s related. Thank you for your help.

Symptoms: Eraser sized lump between vaginal and anal opening

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for trusting us about your health concern.I can understand your concern here.This is the area c alled perineal area and this lump can be due to cyst( saebaceous), abcess, piles and wart.This area is really sensitive, so anything here should be checked properly and treated accordingly.So get yourself examined and rule out the above mentioned cause.Hope it is useful, feel free to discuss more.Regards