Erectile dysfunction due to accidental injury, no pain

Patient: I hit my husband’s penis with my leg while he had an erection. We proceeded to have sexual intercourse with no issues. However, the days following (now it has been 5 days) he has been unable to get an erection. He feels no pain, but is starting to feel emasculated. How serious is it that he goes to the doctor? Will the problem fix itself?

Symptoms: Failure to get an erection, depression

Doctor: Thank you for your question. We believe that your husband should be examined by a doctor in person. His inability to hav e an erection may be due to the trauma he sustained from the kicked. However, we are not certain as to when he will regain function as we are unable to examine him to determine if there is any internal bleeding, or nerve damage. Please encourage him to be examined by a doctor in person.Thank you for consulting