Erectile Dysfunction? o_0

Patient: I have a sexual emergency up in here! I’m freaked out too cause I didn’t think what I was doing would backfire.But anyways, I’m 23. Broke up with my ex just recently and checked out some online vids persay. As a kid it would always be upright and hard as stones man. But I tried this thing where I would apply slight pressure downwards. Never did it hard, just enough and over time now there is no tense feeling at all to push down and it won’t stand up by itself. It just gets thick, but not like a “boner”. Pardon my french…I never read any bad ways to do it by yourself.. But damn, I’m freaked out. I hope it didn’t mess my muscles up. Can I fix it back to 100% normal???Another idiot kid here u_uAny help would be freaking awesome.Thank you!

Symptoms: limp dick
freaked out