Erectile dysfunction,premature ejeculation

Patient: I m 28 years old young guy and i m suffering from erectile condition is i can’t keep my penis hard even for more then one minute even before becoming hard the liquid from it starts coming out & it doesn’t allow the penis to become more hard.i feel very ashamed in front of my partner that in just 5 to 10 seconds i ejeculatedbut hen we make love more 2 to 3 times then the timing becomes good but erection still doesn’t come perfect it should b hard as it was when i was young ….i m not satisfied from my erection.i was a chain smoker before i also used alot of medicines to cure from my ulcer..could u pls guide me about any exercise or any medicine without having side effects…or any multivitamins to get my erected penis again….god bless u

Symptoms: Erectile dysfunction,premature ejeculation