Erectile Performance Issues and Performance enhancing pills

Patient: Hello there Doctor. I am 23 years of age and I am sexually active. I do not smoke, however I probably take in a lot of second hand smoke because of my family members. Anyways, As I have seen in some other posts on this site, I too get normal erections during foreplay, but lose it during intercourse. I have tried different kinds of relaxation techniques to calm my nerves or stress, figuring it was psychological, and i have even stopped masturbating, or if I do, its not very often. I don’t think its ED but I have been considering erectile performance pills. My real question for you is what brand or form of pill medication should i take? There are a lot of scams out there or false claims on the internet. Please help me. Thanks you. Mike

Doctor: Performance fears can cause deleterious effects on sexual performance. I do understand that you have tried certain lifes tyle modifications without much help. However I would like to dissuade you from using performance enhancing pills found in the internet. These pills may contain very low or sometimes very high dosages of PDE5 (phosphodiesterase 5, same compound found in viagra). These pills can also contain contaminants (including talcum powder, commercial paint and printer ink) and other, potentially dangerous ingredients. And, of course, there are some health conditions that make using medications like Viagra a very bad idea. In any case, if you do want to use erection meds, talk to a doctor first and make sure that they’re safe for you. And when you purchase them, get them from a pharmacy or from a reputable website.

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Guest: Dude I promise you master bating will help. It’s like exercise for your wiener. When I was a teenager I used to be like you and I would be all excited and about to blow then when it came down to the action it would sometimes just flop. So I started wacking it every night and that just went away. But don’t take pills man. Drugs are what is messing everyone up. And think of it this way. If you become dependent on them then eventually the dose won’t work and you’ll have to take more and more till eventually nothing will work. And if you reproduce during then your son could have a high chance of having huge erectile problems just because you were taking them. It’s kinda how evolution works. Your genes will say you need this and copy themselves that way till eventually your entire line will need drugs to get hard or just die out from lack of reproduction. So my advice is try the oldest most natural trick in the book and exercise your wood man