Erection PainTesticular pain

Patient: HelloI am having a strange problem. A while back during sex a girl landed on my erect penis as it was out of the vagina causing it to bend i guess. It was intense pain. We were able to finish. Afterwards, I was not feeling well enough to go again. I also remember the next day feeling an intense sharp pain in my left testicle. Ever since, for the past 3 months I have had this weird sensation/discomfort/pain on the left side of the shaft of my penis to my left testicle that has given me erection problems. I have still been sexually active since the injury. I am able to have sex maybe once an then after trying to get erect is really uncomfortable and a chore. I visited a urologist and he thought I had trauma along the left side of my shaft and recommended no sex for 10 days and to take vitamin E for a month. I have managed to go 8 days but am worried that there may be issues with my left testicle causing this. Does any of this make sense? Thanks

Symptoms: Discomfort in penis and testicles