Erection problem

Patient: I have erection prblm and also strength in timing problem

Symptoms: i have been happy with my erection n health till months before when i had some migrane issues so i used a medicine for it and found since that time that all around my penis part is burning n no erection but there is a pre ejaculatory fluid flown every now n then…in this situation i cant dare to even talk to a gal bcoz fluid will flow…n recently when i had my first sex i found i got shorted immediately n a kind of burning sensation in all pennis, and numbness in my penes and it is getting down very fast in fraction of seconds…. even i found in nights without any erection my sperm get leak which make me uncomfortable to sleep.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that you are experiencing symptoms of premature ejaculation. This could be c aused by psychological problems such as anxiety or from an underlying medical problem. We recommend that you consult your physician to have an examination to rule out any medical causes of your symptoms. If you are experiencing a psychological problem causing this, then there are techniques you can employ to help you with this such as refraining from masturbation, discussing your insecurities with your partner, and attending therapy sessions with a psychologist to illumine the underlying cause of your condition.Thank you for choosing