Erection problems and loss of sex drive

Patient: Hello im 18 and i recently tried to have sex with my girlfriend but i couldnt keep my erection, i am overweight but i have never smoked, drank, or done drugs, it was also my first time so i was kinda nervous also after this happened i seemed to have lost my sex drive, am i alright?

Symptoms: No sex drive

Doctor: Welcome To Ask The Doctor.I understand your concern.You are suffering from Premature Ejaculation.Don’t worry it’ s not a serious problem. It is mostly psychogenic.Almost every man experiences it sometime in his sexual life span.I advise following in such problem:1. To stop thinking about this problem.2. Increase the duration of foreplay.3. To divert your mind by doing some difficult mathematical calculations when you start feeling that you are going to ejaculate.4. In severe cases, one can get a prescription of drugs like Fluoxetine or Dapoxetine. They will certainly help.I hope the information helps you.Stay Healthy.