Erection Problems and Maintaining

Patient: Hi I have a very personal question to ask pertaining to my health. I’m a 19 year old male and earlier this week I was about to partake in sexual intercourse then my penis went soft. I thought this might just be a one time thing but I realized during the week that I wasn’t having a full erection since the time I went soft. The amount that usually get erect and amount I have the rest of this week has dropped dramatically. I have been erect but not full blown erection and it has me freaking out. Now to add to this I was sick for about a week in a half before with painful swallowing and it felt like a lymph node in my throat might have been swollen. I wasn’t feeling my best overall either. I took some prescription pain killers of my mom to ease the pain of my throat because it was that bad. The question is though what could be causing me not to have a full erection and what could fix it?

Symptoms: No full erection and can’t keep a partial erection.