Erection Problems: Causes and Simple Remedies

Patient: Hi im 30 years old im haveing problems keeping a erection i’v been with my wife for over 5 years and have 2 kids this problem has only been happen for the last 2 mouths im i get a erection and then is gone

Doctor: Erection problems may cause significant emotional disturbance. Erection is a complex combination of psychologic, neurolo gic, hemodynamic, mechanical and hormonal components. Psychologic erectile dysfunction may start suddenly, varies with partner and circumstance, more common in younger men and may have presence of morning erection. Depression and anxiety problems may also manifest as erectile problems. Neurologic (brain and spinal cord) causes may also manifest with erectile problems but usually occurs together with problems in urination and defecation. Conditions that clog the blood vessels (diabetes) may result to this problem as well. You have mentioned you had a history of hypoglycaemia (I presume). It will be essential to know if that was a symptom of diabetes or because you had no food intake. If diabetes or high blood cholesterol levels run in your family (mother, father, brother or sister), then you may need blood tests. An example of a mechanical cause would be Peyronie’s disease. In this disease, there is a tissue thickening inside the penile shaft and erection problems may follow. Hormonal problems (thyroid hormones and low testosterone) may result to low libido (sexual desire) and erection problems. Various blood tests, procedures and mere physical exam by a doctor will help establish the cause of your distressing problem. I would advise for you to see a doctor and/or urologist so you can be completely evaluated and the root cause will be addressed to accordingly. However, there are also natural ways you may try to improve the erection problems. Try exercising regularly and eat foods that can boost your nitric oxide levels (beans, nuts, seafoods, among others). Erection starts w/ mental conditioning and this will in turn produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is also a potent vasodilator (opens up blood vessels) and as you know, influx of blood to the penile blood vessels coupled with other factors is responsible for erection. Enhancing your body’s nitric oxide levels might help with your problem. There are also several erectile dysfunction drugs but it is better for you to see a doctor because there are a few conditions wherein these drugs should not be given. I do hope this helps and I wish you all the best.