Erectyle Disfunction can I use Syntheroid supplement?

Patient: I’m having problems with erectile dysfunction. I am always feeling tired and weak. I tend to lift weights. I came across this supplement and wanted to know if it was safe to use? Will it harm my natural body production of testosterone at all? Will it harm my testes? Thanks

Doctor: Erection dysfunction may cause significant emotional disturbance and loss of confidence. The most common cause of ED is psychological stress and depression. Conditions like diabetes, high blood cholesterol levels may result to this problem as well. Hormonal problems (thyroid hormones and low testosterone) may result to low libido (sexual desire) and erection problems too.Syntheriod is a supplement that claims to boost the testosterone levels in the body. There is no scientific study on the drug and I would advise against its use. I would suggest you see a doctor or urologist.