Escherichia coli (Type ESBL) in sperm!

Patient: I am 30 yrd old healthy individual. I have a UTI. I have no symptoms of it, but strangely my wife suffered a lot. I did some urinal tests and sometimes they showed Escherichia coli but in most cases was negative. So I did a sperm analysis and I discovered that I had Escherichia coli. I began treatment. I had 100,000 bacteria in 1ml. The bacteria was sensitive to all antibiotics except Amoxicillin and Trimethroprim-Sulfametoxazol. After one month of treatment with Ciprofloxacin, I did one more test and it showed that I had Escherichia coli Typ ESBL and now 1,000,000 in 1ml resistant to all antibiotics except NITROFURANTOIN and TRIMETHOPRIM-SULFOMETOXAZOLThe previous sperm analysis showed resistance to TRIMETHOPRIM-SULFOMETOXAZOL.

Symptoms: No symptoms