Estrogen Levels in Menopausal Women

Patient: Hi, I am 43 years old and my Dr says that my blood test levels show menopause. I did not flly understand her because I was shocked. I did find out that my grandmother went through menopause at age 41. The Dr just kept saying my boold test shows menopause, would this be perimenopuase or am I done with it? I had an endometrial ablation done 2 years ago so I haven’t had a period in 2 years which makes it hard for me to know the answer to this. My blood test levels are Estradiol 92.55 Progesterone 0.10 Luropin 7.83 Follitropin 6.7 I do have many signs of menopause and believe it to be true, I would like clarification if at all possible Thank you Christine

Doctor: It is very possible that you are having menopause. The mere fact that your mother had it almost the same time as you did is a strong factor. Also, please double check your lab results. As far as i know, the menopausal levels of estradiol is <184 pmol/L (yours is 92.55, but you did not mention if this was in pmol/L or pg/mL). The unit is also important because different labs have different values and units being used. If you also have symptoms of hot flushes, sleep disturbances and mood changes then it is very likely you are in menopause. I wish you well always. Take care.