Evening primrose oil

Patient: I am taking pregnacare conception, but recently I have noticed I am not ovulating.Can seven sea evening primrose oil help to boost ovulation? If it does please tell me how when I should take it.

Symptoms: Not ovulating

Doctor: Evening primrose oil is a rich source of antioxidants especially Vitamin E. In addition, evening primrose oil also offer s a high concentration of specific essential fatty acids, including Linolenic acid and gamma linolenic acid – or GLA. Gamma linolenic acid is used in the body to produce prostaglandins (chemicals similar to hormones) which are important for a number of key body functions.The ‘proposed and not yet proven by research’ theory promoting use of evening primrose oil in infertile women is that evening primrose oil makes the cervical mucus fertile and devoid of antibodies. Whether or not it would positively influence oocyte quality has not been suggested. There are enough research papers backing use of DHEA supplements, l-arginine, chromium picollinate etc. for improving oocyte quality. Discuss taking these supplements with your doctor before you start yourself on any medicines or herbs. It is important to understand the effects it will have on your body systems including any possible side effects before you go on any long term medication.Also a word of caution; As there are no studies confirming its safety if consumed during pregnancy, if you do choose to take evening primrose oil supplements, stop them once you ovulate.